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MLM Forced Matrix :


A forced matrix is a system where there is a limit to the number of referrals any affiliate can refer.


Each person's level one can only be as many as the matrix is wide. So a 5x6 matrix means your first level can only have 5 people in it. So when you refer in someone, their first level can only have 5 people in it as well. Your second level will have 25, third level 125, forth level 625, fifth level 3125 and sixth level 15,625 for a total of 19,530. Since your first level can only have 5 people in it, when you refer more customers they get placed under someone else in your down line matrix automatically.


Incentive Models:

In Multi Level Marketing (MLM) by referring any one or by direct selling the product a member/distributor can generate the incentive. Distribution of commission or incentive is called Compensation Plan or Business Plan for a MLM company. We are working on almost all type of incentive models in market and also few of them which were invented by our team. Our R&D team is always working for invention of new MLM incentive distribution models.

Some Popular MLM Incentive models:

» Australian Binary Plan » Binary Plan » Board Plan » Single Leg Plan » Growth Plan » Performance Relay
» Matrix Plan » Forced Matrix » Auto filling Pool » Unilevel Plan » Level Income » Repurchase Model
» Real Estate Model » Differential Method » Career Plan » FD & RD » Agent Model » Working Plan
» Nonworking Plan » Reward System » Royalty Plan » Monthly Income » Tri Binary Plan » Ladder Model
» MLM Salary Plan » Revolving Matrix Plan » Polo MLM Bonus » Sunflower Model » Orbit Binary » Step Binary
» Dynamic Compression Model